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Fighting Spirit

Sunday Seminar

October 6

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2018 Final Ladder Rankings

Congratulations to our Top 3 Overall players in 2018!

 1. Emile Lawy

2. Lucy Gardner

3. Emma Curtis

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Types of Bridge

All bridge played today is Contract Bridge – now referred to simply as bridge - which was invented in the 1920s.

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Contract Bridge is played in two main forms:

Duplicate Bridge is a form of the game adapted for competition and is the most common variant of bridge played in clubs and tournaments.

It is called Duplicate because the same deal is played at multiple tables and the results of different partnerships playing the same hand are compared.

Duplicate bridge was devised in the 1930s and continues to grow in popularity worldwide probably because it largely eliminates the element of luck that is present in other types of bridge or card games in general.

Chicago Bridge is a form of bridge in which sets of only four deals are played and scored.

In Chicago the duration of the game is thus more controllable, making it a more attractive proposition when limited time is available (lunchbreaks/when the boss isn’t looking etc).

Legend has it that this form of the game gets its name from a group of Chicago commuters who invented it in the 1960s because of the limited time they had in which to play bridge during their train journeys to and from work!

Recent Developments

Another form of bridge, minibridge, is now becoming popular.

As the name suggests, it is a simplified form of the game. Bidding is dispensed with making it useful for beginners as it allows players to focus on declarer play and defensive techniques.

It is especially well-suited to teaching children the basics of the game and has been introduced into some primary schools in the UK where it is thought to improve and develop pupils’ logical thinking, problem solving skills and mathematical performance.

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