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Tosh's Three Special Seminars

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AcolBridgeClub Golan expert Petar Ivanov has arrived back in England and back at Acol!
AcolBridgeClub Is this the busiest ever Tuesday evening at Acol?
AcolBridgeClub New term dates up! Book a course here:
AcolBridgeClub - Discover the world’s most alluring card game @BurghHouse1704

Monday - Wednesday - Friday Rankings

Spring Monday-Wednesday Evening Ladder 2017: Latest standings

Position Mon - Weds Score
1 K. Mobin Rahman 77.5
2 Eric Sorrell 71.5
3 Hana Marmarchi 58
4= Alan Leigh  51
4= Tony Watson 51
6 Janos Reeves 47
7 Helen Sorrell 46.5
8 Lucy Gardner 46
9 Rob Kane 43
10 Stuart Leigh  41

Rankings are updated weekly on a Sunday. To view other ladder rankings please click onto the menu on the left hand side.

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